Ter Huerne launch brand new LVT Concept for 2021.

As people who know me will attest to I am not a particular fan of this sector within the flooring industry. In my view it is massively over- subscribed and in some ways fights against my wishes to only promote sustainable products.

Today I have had 8 hours to look at the new concepts from my partners Ter Huerne, and I have to say things have moved on a lot since the introduction of their first vinyl collection in 2014.

I would even go as far to say that I am reasonably excited about the prospects that this programme offers my client base in the UK. Reason being is that a lot of thought has been put into “exclusive design decors”. Not only does the product range offer a more sustainable approach by using a Soya bean plasticiser, but the 3 variants of the massive 62 decors means that we really do have a solution for most specifiers and discerning homeowners.

I look forward to showing you the programme.